The following aims and objectives have been drafted for the benefit of giving guidelines while enlisting new members in the association and for the Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members and Life Members of the IAMI for their functioning:

  1. To develop computer awareness in people of Medical Profession (including Dental, Nursing, Paramedical, Pharmacy and Hospital Administration) through lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations of medical software in all parts of the country and to stress the necessity and benefits of various computer applications in Medicine, Health and Hospital Services.
  2. To give necessary assistance and guidance to Healthcare Providers, Health Insurance Providers and computer professionals who are interested in developing equipment / software for enhancement of professional efficiency of doctors, nurses and paramedical technicians and administrative efficiency in hospitals in order to bring in the required improvements in patient care, betterment in hospital services, documentation and over all improvement in administrative functions in Health Services of States and Central Government  through mutual collaboration.
  3. To help organizations, hospitals, institutions, health & hospital administrators who are life members of IAMI to identify their health and administrative problems that can be solved through computerization and pass them on to Information Technology Companies (both software and hardware) for solution.
  4. To make all the required efforts to introduce computer education in all the colleges of medical sciences, dental sciences, nursing and pharmacy in India at both UG and PG levels through MCI (Medical Council of India) and respective University Authorities.
  5. To make all the efforts to improve the medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy colleges in their educational and training methodologies through computer-aided techniques and computerized library information services.
  6. To assist government / public / private hospitals, nursing homes & clinics and other organizations / institutions / establishments having their own hospitals / dispensaries in planning, procurement and installation of computer systems including computer-linked medical instruments & equipment and other health related software through standard companies at reasonable rates.
  7. To suggest improvements in the existing services and procedures including installed information systems if approached by any hospital / nursing home / clinic / organization / establishment / institution / laboratory / dispensary / pharmaceutical company and find suitable software & hardware firms to do that job suiting international standards.
  8. To develop collaboration links with other countries, other national and international organizations / associations / societies / institutions and software companies for associated membership, software development, database sharing, knowledge base creation, data mining, software exchanges, literature (bibliographic) references etc.
  9. To assist in the planning, development and employment of manpower for medical informatics in hospitals / medical, dental & nursing institutes / medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies who join IAMI as life members.
  10. To help India to reach high international standards in healthcare through standardization of the hospital procedures including patient care, medical documentation, health records, health statistics, computerized / computer-interfaced medical instruments, patient monitors and other hospital equipment.
  11. To conduct periodic professional conferences at national / international level in medical informatics and periodic conferences / seminars / workshops at regional level to keep abreast the members of IAMI of the technologies involving computers and information sciences in relation to medical and allied fields.
  12. To bring out periodical news bulletins, publish Indian Journal of Medical Informatics and proceedings of the conferences to encourage members of IAMI in professionalism, research, innovations, publications and knowledge sharing.