APP entrepreneurial project backend language selection

For teams, funds and talents equipped with companies, they must be fully reflected in the technical selection. This paper analyzes the latter language selection problem, and does not involve language advantages and generations. The author believes that language follows the winning pinhon rules, and the language that can continue to survive is a good language, but their respective solutions.

The backend language of the APP project is usually: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, JS, etc. The author has only been exposed to Java, PHP, Python and JS in the project. For Ruby and .NET, there is no practical cognition, then they first eliminate them. It is said that Ruby is known as agile, but it is still too young, I am more willing to choose a mature and robust technology on entrepreneurial projects. .NET is from Microsoft, starting from ASP to Microsoft development is very excellent in the rear end of the web, but it is not the first choice for Internet companies. Just as the server field Windows has never been preferred. Nodejs also became one of the choices of many teams in JS, but not to choose Ruby without choosing. Then there will be Java, PHP and Python.

As a full stack language, the web backend, Android, data analysis, machine learning, desktop software, etc. are both hand, especially in some system of government departments, they will designate Java and Oracle.

If the team has Java’s way, then it is a choice. However, our team has not used Java as a backend development. There is only one reason. Java compiles are too slow. When you modify some programs, you want to test, you must recompile and restart the server, although these IDEs are automatically helped Do it, but this is still taken.

PHP as many large size projects in the backered language, Baidu, Weibo and other companies are based on it.

The backend you have to use, and take into account the developers of the kindergarten to all levels of the university. Because of this, some programmers feel that the program written by PHP is not on the grade. In fact, PHP is the same as the Java language, or it can be written very much.

PHP is a scripting language. After writing, you can only refresh the browser. This also brings a problem. The software can’t pack it into a commercial software sales. Once the sales, the source code will go out. However, in recent years, the Phalcon framework has been developed by its development team, which can write C code as the PHP language. Finally, it can be compiled into a binary PHP extension, which not only protects the source code, but also improves operational performance.

PHP has a variety of excellent frameworks, Phalcon, Laravel, Yii, Cakephp, Codeignitor, Yaf, Zend Framework, some components, and some only MVC, which is flexible.

However, PHP left the rear end development almost no.

As a flexible language, Python has become one of the choices of backend development in recent years in recent years.

It has the advantage of PHP scripting language, almost all stacks, can write desktop software, data analysis, machine learning, and even someone writes App clients.

Python is not born for backend, but Django, Flask, WebPy and other frameworks make it possible in backend development, and it is also very good. Although the Django framework is excellent, it is a bit too, helping the developer is too much, and the developer is limited to a box box, often makes you feel that the advancement is difficult. For example, the ORM mechanism, simply writing some data read and write is not bad, involving complex association queries is hard; there is also its user module, direct help developers realize a series of functions such as users, groups, privilege management, authentication logins, Small projects don’t have to do user modules, but large project user modules need very flexible, such as third parties such as WeChat, Weibo, and cross-project sharing session.

Python’s server-server depends on UWSGI and NGINX, UWSGI as Python’s server software to process HTTP requests, often use nginx as its front-end server due to its function, performance, and stability issues, two-storey server architecture for small websites Increased maintenance difficulties.

Since it is a scripting language, the source code is difficult to protect.

Do you use a framework?

Be sure to use the framework, in order to facilitate project cooperation and project handover, the code based on the framework is more normative and readable.

Do you need your own development framework?

If the team level has reached its extent to which the framework is written, this article does not need to see it. It can be written into a good framework. If you just write, don’t try it on the entrepreneurial project.