Editorial Committee

Dr. Ajit Kumar

Postdoctoral (Taiwan), PhD (Taiwan), MCA (India),

BSc (India)

Assistant Professor, Xavier Institute of

Management (www.ximb.ac.in)

Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha,

India (www.xub.ac.in)

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Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari, MBBS, PhD 

Dean (Academics and Student

Affairs) and Professor (Health


International Institute of Health

Management Research, Dwarka,

New Delhi 110075

Ph:  +91-9717669574 / 9159032857

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Dr. Arindam Basu


Senior Lecturer Above the Bar

School of Health Sciences, University

of Canterbury,

Christchurch, New Zealand

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Professor, Dept of Pathology,

Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute Of

Medical Sciences,


Director, MEUINDIA, Amritsar

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Email: drsanjaybedi@gmail.com

Dr SB Gogia, M.B; B.S; M.S; M.Ch

(Plastic Surgery) General, Plastic

and Cosmetic Surgeon 28/31, Old

Rajendar Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110060

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MSc Nursing, M.H.Sc Public Health,

M.A. Sociology, M.Sc Health informatics

Clinical Research Specialist, PSG IMS&R

IJMI-Student Editorial Board Member

Phone: +91 8008118980/ 9361443743

Email ID: kavithaharsa@hotmail.com

The Metamorphosis of the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics,     

The History

Prof Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari



Medical informatics can be called the art and science of processing biomedical or healthcare information to suit the needs of people, healthcare providers and the government. It can include: Hospital Information and Management Systems, Clinical Informatics, Nursing Informatics, Imaging Systems, Consumer Health  Informatics,  Public Health Informatics, Dental Informatics, Clinical Research Data Management and  Pharmaceutical Informatics. However, Bioinformatics (proteomics, genomics and drug design) is not included in the present context.

How does a professional society reach out to the greater world to show its members’ professional / academic talents and activities ?   A scientific journal  is one well-known platform for this purpose. It was this original idea that was put in black and white long back 25 year ago when the Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI) was formed in 1993, as one of its Aims and Objectives as proposed by Prof Nanduri Gajanana Rao, the Founder and the first Vice-President of IAMI and adopted by the General Body of the association.

However, it took 10 years to find a suitable Chief Editor (Dr Sanjay Bedi) and Associate Editor (myself) to kick-start such an initiative. During the Biennial Conference IAMI-2003, the two of us were entrusted to start a printed version of the journal, with a nominal seed money from the President of IAMI. It took us a long seven months to get the basic infrastructure and a few articles in place for publication.

 The Printed Version of IJMI

The inaugural issue (Volume 1 Number 1) was formally released by the then President of IAMI – Dr OP Sharma, during the mid-term Conference of IAMI in Kolkata in May 2004. The next logical step was to get the ISSN for Indian Journal of Medical Informatics. The ISSN 0973-0379 was finally assigned to our journal. A second issue (Volume 1, Number 2) was brought out in December 2004.

However, the cost and logistical problems of getting the journal printed with utmost care and posted to all the members and important medical institutes in India with an increasing number of life members of IAMI started to become overburdened. This unfortunate circumstance persisted despite the formation of a new editorial board, once again led by Dr Sanjay Bedi in August 2006. By the middle of 2007, Dr Sanjay Bedi passed over the Editor-in-Chief’s mantle to me.

The Metamorphosis

After our initial experiments with the print version for 4 years, we evolved to a peer reviewed, online-only and open access version.  Our intention is to present a journal that is freely accessible to all readers with a quick turnaround time for manuscripts. The Indian Journal of Medical Informatics considers a wide range of submissions covering the theory, practice and outcomes of healthcare informatics with special emphasis on conditions prevailing in India.

The lessons learnt from the issues that we faced with the print version, made us look for better alternatives.  The then editorial board decided to forge a new path in the history of the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics by converting it into an online only “open access journal”. The editorial team believed that this approach, consistent with the latest trends in

biomedical publishing, will expand the reach of the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics and allow it to fulfill its mission of being a repository for outstanding work from the contributors worldwide. The rapid technological advent, reduction in web hosting charges and the steady and incremental access to the entire Internet has paved the way for the on-line Indian Journal of Medical Informatics becoming an “Open Access Journal”.  With the able support from the then Associate Editors – Ajit N Babu and Ms Vasumathi Sriganesh, and the technical backing from the indefatigable Mr Sukhdev Singh, the online avatar of Indian Journal of Medical Informatics made its first appearance in 2007. The new venture was blessed by the warm encouragement from our International Advisors – Vimla Patel and Ralph R Grams from USA, Diana Schmidt from Germany, Frank Lievens from Belgium and Pradeep Ray from Australia – who have kindly consented to be on our Advisory team.  During the Biennial Conference of IAMI IAMI-2007 was indeed an inspirational opportunity for us that Dr Edward Shortliffe, one of the father figures in Medical Informatics and Expert Systems in Medicine from USA had kindly consented to physically grace the occasion and inaugurate the first online-only Indian Journal of Medical Informatics. The next President of IAMI, S B Gogia and the Secretary of the IAMI, S B Bhattacharyya, arranged for the infrastructure necessary for hosting Indian Journal of Medical Informatics on the Web successfully.



  • Sanjay Bedi, India

Associate Editor                        

  • S N Sarbadhikari, India

Assistant Editors              

  • Satish Kumar, India
  • Vinay Pandey, India

Editorial Board

  • Sneh Anand, India
  • Mohan Bansal, India
  • K. Baruah, India
  • S. Saini, India
  • Meena Pangarkar, India
  • Minu Bedi, India



  • Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari, India

Executive Editor

  • Sukhdev Singh, India

Associate Editors

  • Ajit N Babu, United States
  • Vasumathi Sriganesh, India

International Advisors

  • Ralph R Grams, United States
  • Frank V. Lievens, Belgium
  • Vimla L Patel, United States
  • Pradeep Ray, Australia
  • Diana Schmidt, Germany



  • Arindam Basu, New Zealand

Associate Editor (2012-2015)

  • Shashi Bhushan Gogia, India
  • Diana Schmidt, Germany

Layout Editor

  • Sanat Sarangi


International Advisors (2007-2010)

  1. Ralph R Grams, United States
  2. Frank V. Lievens, Belgium
  3. Vimla L Patel, United States
  4. Pradeep Ray, Australia
  5. Prof or Dr Diana Schmidt, Heidelberg University (Faculty of Medicine) Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (Faculty of Computer Science), Germany