Middleware and stability platform

Soft load configuration center – Diamond:

Diamond is used to store static configurations and provide configuration changing dynamic push function, simple structure, ultra-high availability. The entire network is used to store configuration information that does not change often.

Open source introduction: http://code.taobao.org/p/diamond/wiki/index/

Contact: Nine (email: [email protected]) Levin (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: chrisredfield1985)

Message Middleware – NOTIFY:

Notify is a news middleware that is high performance, high reliability, unlimited level of extension, support for distributed transactions, and support complex messages, and is one of the most widely used news-in-one news media products within the company. To undertake 90% of the company’s internal information. He uses the model that pushes the message, the cluster can be extended horizontally, but it does not guarantee the order, and the repeated news middleware product is not guaranteed.

Contact: Water (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Water is a cold)

Message Middleware – Meta:

The Meta Teacher’s Kafka from Linkeded IN is a highly available, unlimited horizontally extended message middleware. He uses a scaffolded message queue, the cluster can be horizontally extended, and the order can be guaranteed, but the message is not repeated.

Open source introduction: http://metaq.taobao.org/

Contact: vow Jia (email: [email protected], Sina Sina Weibo: Vintage-WAN)

Service Frame – HSF:

Ali Distributed Service Framework, the call of the Unified Over the group, including the unified call, soft load, service governance, etc. of the service method, providing a simple and convenient, high-performance distributed service framework.

Contact: Emill (email: [email protected])

Service Framework – Eagleeye:

Taobao distributed tracking system, the system implements single-link real-time monitoring, system dependence, performance tuning, risk control, etc.

Contact: Ji Feng (email: [email protected])

Service Framework – Pandora:

Taobao isolation container, the system mainly solves the problem of large-scale rich second-party bag upgrade, two-party package isolation, two-party package monitoring.

Contact: Silver (email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Ni shopkeeper)

Data layer -TDDL:

A generic data access layer is deployed on the client’s JAR package to route the user’s SQL route to the specified database. There are currently 1000+ applications in use

Open source introduction: http://code.taobao.org/p/tddl-dynamic-datasource/src/

Contact: Jun Yu (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Encourage strong ingots)

Data layer – Jingwei:

The general data bus is used to migrate data from one data node to another or more data nodes, and currently support mysql, oracle, HBase, etc. There are currently 100+ applications in use

Contact: Qi Hao (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Xiao Qi Wei)

Data layer – Yugong:

Data automatic migration engine, massive data automatic operation and maintenance tool, can be used to automatic expansion and compass, data smooth migration, and heterogeneous data source migration, and has completed 214 business migration or expansion.

Contact: Jun Yu (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Encourage strong ingots)

Data layer-Andor / DRDS distributed newsql engine:

The NewSQL system allows SQL to run the traditional mysql / oracle relational database, or support NOSQL database such as BDB, HBase, etc. A complex relationship operation such as cross-machine merge and cross-machine operation can be implemented.

Contact: Qi Feng (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: agapple0002), Sink (Email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Whisperxd)

Performance and Stabilizing Platform – Continuous Stability Platform (CSP 2.0):

Continuous Stability Platform helps Ali system guarantees high availability, including line pressure testing, capacity planning, dependence on governance, limited limiting, monitoring alarm, problem positioning and other modules.

Contact: Tour (email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Zhuang Zhongli)

Performance and Stability Platform – Stock Photopot:

Project Description: Performance Analysis Platform helps Ali system improve throughput, reducing delay, cost savings, and cost savings through performance analysis of basic software, server, front-end loading, network, cDn, etc.Contact: Uncle (email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Taobao Uncle)

Project Name: tprofiler:

Project Description: TPROFILER is a performance analysis tool that can be used in the production environment. By performing hotspots in Java level record code, the object creates hotspots, help the system positioning performance bottleneck.

Open source address: https://github.com/alibaba/tprofiler

Contact Sina Weibo: Uncle (email: [email protected], Sina Weibo: Taobao Uncle)

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