Mobile Internet system architecture top ten traps

In the past three years, 54CHEN has been struggling in China Mobile Internet, which has passed through various potholes. The following is a record.

TOP 1. Don’t I be connected

The words such as CMWAP CMNET should have disappeared in the world. Three years ago, there was a frequent movement that did not move the mobile phone. Two years ago, this situation should be better. A lot of improvements a year ago. It still exists. I believe that the future will get better and better, the times are summoning! Solution, spend money to find a “background” machine room.

Top 2. HTML5 during life

In last year’s network, HTML5 is still not suitable for excellent app. In the case of a few years ago, in the case of all kinds of net speed, the HTML5 application under 2G is basically unused. Now I am better, I started to have all the html5 all encapsulated Native calls, so that they only do the display of View, but performance is also a big problem. Of course, the same, I believe that the future will get better and better, the same time is summon! Solution, reuse in a few years.

Top 3. Environmental harsh DNS

DNS analysis also has failed, the app is beautiful, and the request is not reached. IP is more than domain name, but there is something else. The solution is to leave some domain names and IP in the client, and one cannot be replaced.

TOP 4. Carrage Road HTTP interception

Tianchao operator can do things you can’t think of. Various small advertising posts your home security doors. So you are best to declare in Header: Beast, this is not html, this is JSON, don’t add advertising!

TOP 5. Wushu eight-door APP add button must restrain

Especially the Android app, there is no limit, or unified standards, what kind of apps are all, do an atmospheric app, the most important point, see if it can open is the main function, the finger can go to an important function.

TOP 6. Don’t look forward to it in traditional Web at all

In addition to Sina Weibo, the QQ space is almost impossible from the APP launched on the traditional web, so that the user can make the user open a website according to your boot. Its difficulty is not less than that the traditional advertiser has finished advertising, waiting for users to access the website.

Top 7. Synchronization of SQLITE on the APP in the world is a big trouble

When the app also has a DB when saving the data, it will pick up the problem of data inconsistency in two links. The best solution, the company has a unified synchronization mechanism, preferably a fixed frame code, allowing business logically separating this synchronization process. Of course, during the actual work process, we even want to put all the cloud data as a backup, simply handle the client engineer to complete the logic, let Cluster more reliable and scalable.

TOP 8. Wafer does not painfully download channels to be smooth

Movement a few M package, download is not smooth, basically in minutes which users are returned. Moreover, to be cdn. There is a pit here, some CDN vendors may have limited cache, and the previous half of the document is very fast, the slower the next, the slower, please use it carefully.

TOP 9. The soldier’s expensive medium-speed mobile network update is too fast, too slow, not a good thing.

You see which app is updated every day, is not a web 2.0 era, pro! At the same time, don’t run slowly, your partners will develop habits. The best way, interiors are updated every day, and the external monthly update is even updated.

Top 10. Prepare the announcement strips that you can see in advance in advance, in order to prepare

Web 2.0 era, we have to maintain the system, add a yellow strip at the top of all the page: Today’s XX point maintenance. This is not too likely, so you will see a variety of Weibo announcements, WeChat announcements, XX announcements, anyway, is not in his own announcement, because your own house is to maintain it.

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