One date triggered by Firebug

Two days ago, when I learned to use Firebug, I didn’t understand the 5th phases of the data response in the firebug-> net panel, so I asked everyone to ask everyone. The front end GG is very enthusiastic, from the multifacetion of technology, philosophy, ethics and physiological health, give me a wonderful explanation, thank you for your enthusiasm.

Take the next idea, here to offer a story short film “and the dating of the beef noodles”

I have a spring and feet about the next moon to eat:

Before you go, the two queries the specific location of the closed moon in the intranet, which is the DNS analysis;

In case of spring to the closed moon, and there is feet to choose a taxi, this is a connection;

(With the feet first go to the moon, weird the tape of the door number and next door, the result is wrong, this is fishing)

The two men have an urgent, but there is only one bathroom, which can only be turned, this is queued;

In case of spring, you will take a step by step.

At this time, I will accept XX in the bathroom in the bathroom. It is accepting data.

Then closed the moon, and the most handsome red beef instant noodles were warmly entertaining two. . The date official begins!

Thanks again to the spring and feet of friendship. @ _ ~