Second generation CDN architecture and ordinary CDN architecture

Recently, there is no thing to write, introduce a thing of our company a few births, may be a new thing for many people. . . . right. I can introduce some of these companies in the future. . .

This time is one of the ordinary cDNs and the CDN of our company.

As described below, this is our ordinary CDN, and the main role of CDN is to solve the link connection to the last kilometer of the user. When our ordinary service source website gives the content generation, the edge node comes to the server. So when the user is turned on, it is the most recent point to obtain data. It is not necessary to go directly to the source website because the source website may link very unreliable. It is a complex network environment in China.

Obviously, there are many problems in the above architecture. Several questions

1. The edge node to the middle of the source is multiple ISPs. Any edge across ISP is unreliable.

2. If there is more cold point. New files are more. The base of the file itself is large. This edge node is unable to serve. There are minimal part of the service is not good. Because the pressure and service of the backward on the edge Cache are extremely huge.

3. When ISP, sometimes span out ports, such as the provincial export. Because of the high traffic, the link is disconnected, it will also cause the edge node service very nor or unable to serve.

Based on the above points, we made our own network. Using your own fiber, open the major cities and ISPs.

It can be seen that the source site is in our network layer, then any point, any ISP is via the internal fiber network communication. Merchants who have arrived at ISP to export.

This can solve some problems of some network layers very well. Just investment is a bit big. Because you need to use your own fibers between major cities and ISPs to connect into a private network.