What is the social value of excavation vulnerabilities?

Someone in Weibo asked a very fun question:

@ : “Ask the safety circle friends a question: from the perspective of human social development, where is the meaning of excavation vulnerabilities? Construction information system can improve productivity, and where is the social value of excavation vulnerabilities?”

Then there are many hot discussions for safety experts. I excerpts some views:

@ ge1975: “One aspect of the banknotes itself have almost no value, and it is worthy of value. It is more vicious.

@flashsky: “Some things are worthy of value due to their own value, and some things have caused value due to redistribution. Some things are worth the value of the other party. The loopholes are things that lead to the value redistribution or the other party’s loss, the protection is reduced An attacker’s potential hazard achieves value, and an attacker gains value for obtaining a secret or destroying the other party.

@Phreaker: “There is a kind of opinion, the safety essence is the quality problem that will be deliberately used. Then, the test inside the development process is done, just like the hole, is the quality assurance. In addition, the hole is also from negative Positive pattern mining. “

@_RHX_: “From the development of human society, with the increasing importance of informationization, the value of excavation vulnerabilities is to reduce the risk of deceleration and even destruction of human society. This is designed to be a distributed parallel system and Relying on the message, not shared memory systems, enhance robustness is a truth, but this is the risk control of the design level, and excavation vulnerability is a risk control of achieving level. “

@ : “This problem also happened for a long time, excavation vulnerabilities were like smashing the door lock, from the perspective of human social development, the meaning is really unclear, will not increase the productivity. The front value of the hole is just Let the lock becomes more and more difficult, the negative value is what is your value? So as long as there is a lock, you must need to protect it, you are really contradictory. “

@: “For the for Fun’s Hacker regards the hole as an art, where is the value of art? For Profit, the security Professional Professional, this TM is a sharper that makes money, can also become a digital arms industry Part of the segmentation, what is the value of thermal fireseller on human development? “

I also want to say two words, but these two days are relatively busy, look back, everyone seven tongues also said that I would like to say.

In fact, this problem can be extended from “excavation vulnerabilities” to “hacking tools”. For example, some “harmonious stability” vulnerabilities use exploit, to write a good spending, it can also rise to the “art” level; or the “military grade” no process without document without document – Various kills – these hacking tools for attacking, which are extremely complicated, but are all used for damage, where is the meaning of society?

This proposition is like, as if you are torture why human beings are always as deep as yours. Internet security is just “security” this ancient basic demand to develop to today’s external expressions. If someone else has a hatred, there is a river. As long as humans are still sinister, there will be safety needs.

What value did you create these things created? I am also difficult to explain the positive significance of the public. But if you look at the inevitable products in the process of human history, it may be clear. Besides, although the World War I make countless people break, it has also rapidly promoted the development of science and technology – human beings have the most talented in the self-enhancement.

From this perspective, it is not possible to say that there is no meaning, saying that a major technical breakthrough in the future is from these “hacking technology” of these “evil”.

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